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What exactly does a luxury travel
advisor do?

I specialize in providing personalized & high-end travel experiences for my clients. My primary goal is to ensure that you have seamless & unforgettable experiences that cater to your unique preferences and desire. I combine knowledge, expertise, and personal connections to curate exceptional travel adventures that go beyond what is typically available to the average traveler. 


How do you charge for your service?

I charge service fees for my time and expertise. This fee will vary depending on the complexity and length of the trip. It covers my comprehensive research, correspondence & negotiation, planning, booking, finalized itinerary, and ongoing support. The initial consultation is complimentary as are needed adjustments to the proposed itinerary. 


What level of customization can you provide for my trip?

You tell me! I can be as involved as you would like... some clients need the perfect destination researched, booked and reservation managed, some clients still want some level of control of their trip, in which case we would work as a team, and some clients don't want to think about a single detail and I would handle every aspect! I can weave my services seamlessly into whatever your travel need may be.


Why should I use JET instead of
booking online?

Ever feel stressed, overwhelmed, or strapped for time when setting out to plan a trip? Booking with JET guarantees you to a consultative experience, offering destination knowledge, customized itinerary planning, accommodation  + logistical arrangements, VIP treatment and amenity access, budget + crisis management, and 24/7 support.


Do you charge for hotel & resort bookings ?

Yes as I strive to research and secure boutique lodging that is going to provide special touches and personal attention. Think VIP perks & amenities that would not otherwise be available. While there are (sometimes huge) hotels that pay basic travel agents commission for sending clients their way, you forfeit the warm and charming niceties. Of course, if you love a property that offers commission, I will happily deduct that from my fee.


Can you help with complex itineraries
& group trips?

100% absolutely. As a nerdy planner and spreadsheet enthusiast, I live for complex itineraries! I've built trips for clients (and myself) that covered multiple countries, had many moving parts, and countless details... I've also built bachelorette parties and golf trips, secured wedding blocks, and cultivated corporate retreats... Special trip? Bucket-list destination? I'm here for it all!


Do you things like book flights and make restaurant reservations?

Absolutely! This is all part of the Complete Concierge service you can expect upon working with JET. It should be noted reservations are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed (but I'm known to work magic).

All the more reason to reach out early so I can begin securing those hidden gems that will make your trip extra memorable!


How do you stay up-to-date on industry trends & changes?

I do my best to stay current in a few ways. First, I have partnered & am certified with a fantastic travel agency that provides ongoing, first class training on all industry-related topics: individual properties & hotel groups, partners & suppliers, country spotlights, etc. This agency also provides access to a global network of advisors who can lean on the collective expertise of the team with forums, the sharing of guides, destination advice, etc. I also attend industry conferences & events as well as destination familiarization trips & site visits whenever I can! Finally, I try to do as much personal traveling as possible, of course.


How can I reach you you during planning
and the trip itself?

I think my clients would agree I am very communicative and responsive. Prior to our first consultation, there are many ways to get in touch: Facebook, Instagram, my website, call/text/email, carrier pigeon... In other words, I'm embarrassingly reachable. After which, we will likely communicate mostly through scheduled calls/text/email; however, I am happy to tailor my communication style to what suits you best!


How do you handle unforeseen issues
during the trip?

Prior to departing, you will have my direct contact information should you need to reach me during your trip. I also maintain relationships with suppliers (airlines, hotels, tour guides) so that in the event of an issue, I can readily communicate with the supplier to reach a quick resolution. I can assist in rebooking and/or rescheduling should you come up against flight cancellations, delays, or any other disruptions in an expedited fashion. I won't bug you while you're away, but I also welcome check-ins & updates! That way I am up-to-date on what you're loving and if you run into any problems.


What if I already booked my hotel?

No problem! As long as the trip hasn't happened and you booked directly with the hotel (not with a third party like Expedia or you can simply forward me your confirmation. I will reach out to the hotel to let them know I will be handling your reservation going forward and to please ensure VIP perks & amenities are applied to your stay. Nothing else about your reservation will change and now you have me in your corner should you need anything at all.


When should I reach out to begin planning my trip?

With the way people are traveling right now, I say the earlier the better! However, I know there are last minute trips that arise and other factors that don't always make this a reality... Depending on what kind of trip you're taking and where you're going are going to change the answer. A good rule of thumb is 4-6 months before a trip. This way, I can get the ball rolling on planning your trip, and lock in details you want like the hotel, hot restaurant reservations, etc.



Consultation & Proposal

I'll use our complimentary consultation to get a clear understanding of what you're looking for! I'll dig deeper into the type of memories you want to create, what trips have been your favorite in the past + what gets you excited. 

From here, I will leverage those details to deliver a proposal, outlining the scope + cost of my services. Once approved, I'll move onto step 2


Research & Development

Next comes the comprehensive research, correspondence and negotiation with suppliers, and crafting your perfect itinerary from the ground up - Depending on the complexity of your needs, this could include every single detail from flights, multi-city luxury stays, to blissful transfers, extraordinary experiences, and 5-star restaurant reservations. 

I will present the proposed itinerary and make any necessary adjustments! Upon approval, you are welcome to proceed with the bookings yourself -or-I'll move onto step 3


Booking & Implementation

Now I lock everything in! I will book every aspect of the approved itinerary, manage the reservations, and act as liaison between you and the suppliers. You will also receive a formalized, daily itinerary with all of your confirmation numbers + any other pertinent information you will need. This stage of the process also comes with ongoing support before, during + after your trip. We can also discuss any add-ons that you may find beneficial, as a 360° boutique experience.

Once you get home, we can debrief on what you loved!

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